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Anne zellien

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Anne Zellien

Anne Zellien's handcrafted pieces include details that hint at classic designs but with a contemporary twist, creating modern, luxury jewellery that can be worn on every occasion.

Fascinated by historical jewellery, Anne Zellien became particularly interested in a style known as ’Sentimental jewellery' which was particularly fashionable in Europe during the 17th and 18th century. Famous for its strongly personalized jewellery with engravings, hidden messages, portraits and charms, the style’s goal is to accentuate the bond between 2 people. Anne uses these concepts in her own romantic fashion to create jewellery that is both modern and classic. Her favourite working materials are silver, gold, semi-precious stones, ceramics and pearls.

Kammenstraat 47 - 2000 antwerp - +32 3 226 89 70 - Email
Hours: TUE - SAT : 11u00 - 18u00