De Gouden Straatjes

Guided Tour for groups

Guided tours


Antwerp is famous the world over for Diamonds, Chocolate and Fashion, on our guided tours you will encounter the best of each of them. 

In the Fashion heart of Antwerp, our guide will take you to ateliers, jewellery stores and guide you through the unique stories of our designers. You will also be able to meet some of the dedicated artisans committed to keeping the traditions of handmade jewellery alive.

If you love jewellery, a tour through de Gouden Straatjes in Antwerp in is the best way to see our diamond city truly sparkle!  

Group Price : € 150 ( excl. € 5 administrative fee )

Duration : +/- 1,5 hour

Max. 15 participants

Languages : Nederlands, Français , English

Available from THURSDAY to SATURDAY Between 11u00 - 16u00

Written and guided in collaboration with Katleen Derijcke From MOMU

For more information : Info Cultuur // TUE - SAT / 10u00 - 17u00 // 03 338 95 85


After requesting a tour we will get in touch with you about the further details, the booking form is not final and can be cancelled without any costs.

It is possible to add extra activities to your booking, these are not included in the standard price. 


DIVA, Antwerp's new diamond museum invites you to explore the wonderful world of diamonds, jewellery en silversmithing at your own pace. You will be shown round the museum not by a regular guide, but by DIVA's butler Jérome on your audio-guide. So every member of your group will go off and explore the wondrous world of DIVA independently. A unique experience awaits as fictitious stories introduce you to the highlights of the DIVA collection, while interactive devices reveal, for example, what sort of diva you are! 

If you wish you can add tickets to DIVA, Antwerp's new diamond museum to your booking form.

2. Chocolatier BURIE

Belgian chocolatiers are famous and appreciated the world over for their excellent craftmanship and sense of innovation. Chocolatier Burie is famous not only for his invention of Diamond-shaped Chocolate pralines but also for his chocolate sculptures put on display. Every month, new creations are unveiled: from Antwerp City Hall to a Flandria boat and animals such as tigers and snakes to the White House to mark President Obama’s visit to Belgium. 

You can add a tasting experience to end our tour. Chocolatier Burie will treat you to Chocolate diamonds to accompany your drink of choice while they explain the ins and outs of the Chocolate world.