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Nadine Wijnants

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Nadine Wijnants and Mark Van Grieken first met at the Royal Academy of fine Arts 35 years ago. Since then they have been combining their creativity and craftsmanship together in their jewellery collection ‘Nadine Wijnants’.

The brand was founded on the desire to create strong statement jewellery with a distinct style, often balancing between classic and fashion jewellery. Not only do they use traditional precious metals and gems they often work with less obvious materials such as Perspex, bone and wood.

By playfully referencing their passions, interests and even political concerns,they have created their own language, providing a window into their world.Paramount to these designers is personal contact with their clients, in order to create jewellery that not only enhances the wearer’s character but become part of it.

Antwerp's Most Brilliant certified jeweller

Kloosterstraat 26 - 2000 Antwerp - +32 484 64 33 03 - Email
Hours: FRI - SAT: 11u00 - 18u00 | Or by appointment