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Pascale Masselis

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Pascale Masselis

Pascale Masselis graduated from the Royal Academy of Antwerp in 1983. Always naturally creative and possessing a fine eye for detail and design, Pascale started making jewellery by creating unique pieces for friends and family. What began as a hobby developed into a business and today her jewellery collection celebrates 30 years.

Her fascination with the colourful and exciting world of gemstones took her on captivating travels around the world, and gemstones are the core inspiration for many of her designs. She works exclusively with 18 carat gold and every piece of jewellery she creates is unique and handcrafted in her own atelier. Pieces can be especially made to order and Pascale will even transform your old out-of-date jewelry into modern treasures.

Nationalestraat 18 - 2000 Antwerp - +32 478 760 755 Email
Hours: TUE - SAT : 11u00 - 18u00 | 1st sunday of the month 13u00 - 17u00 | Or by appointment