De Gouden Straatjes

Robb Zilla



With his 15 years of experience Robb.Zilla developed a very modern approach to designing jewellery. Aside from his own collection, he invites his clients to design with him. This way of working is very much in line with his belief that you should be able to tweak a design to your liking to make the jewellery even more personal to the wearer. He hosts evenings where couples fashion their own wedding rings using the lost wax technique. With Robb’s finishing touch, the rings will appear straight from a professional jeweller’s bench. You can also choose to design your own jewellery for him to execute, or perhaps re-use inherited jewellery to make a modern piece.

Kammenstraat 53 - 2000 Antwerp - +32 3 225 38 66 Email
Hours: MO & WED : 13u00 - 18u00 I TUE & THU-SAT: 11u00 - 18u00 | Or by appointment