De Gouden Straatjes
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Tickets DIVA

DIVA, the new star in Antwerp, and her butler Jérome will take you on a journey through Antwerp’s diamond story. Outstanding workmanship, fascinating anecdotes, intense emotions and impressive sets await you… Sets, soundscapes, multimedia and interactive elements illustrate a different theme in each room, creating an atmosphere that astonishes, seduces and raises questions. The spoken narratives will bring to life the many precious objects contained in DIVA’s house and help anchor them in history.

Tickets DIVA

Tickets DIVA


Museum Closing day : Wednesday

Permanent Exhibit € 10

DIVA’s permanent exhibit takes you on an emotional, interactive journey that explores the different aspects of silversmithingjewellery and of course first and foremost diamonds. It is an introduction to the fascinating history of silversmithing in Antwerp and to the craftsmanship, trade and consumption of luxury products in our diamond centre of the world.