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Wouters & Hendrix

Wouters & Hendrix stands for authenticity, playfulness, eccentricity and pure Belgian craftsmanship. For over 30 years Katrin Wouters and Karen Hendrix have been creating nationally and internationally -acclaimed jewellery. Today no less than 70 collections have seen the light and their jewellery has been spotted on international celebrities like Alicia Keys, Scarlett Johansson and Siena Miller.

Craftsmanship and handmade work are paramount to the designers. Fusing modern and traditional-crafting techniques, they work with the finest goldsmiths in Antwerp who develop and complete each jewel by hand. Many of the stones and materials used are cut or forged specially for the brand, bearing in mind that quality is their highest priority.

Antwerp's Most Brilliant certified jeweller

Steenhouwersvest 52 - 2000 Antwerp - +32 3 231 62 42 - Email
Hours: MON - FRI : 10u00 - 18u00 | SAT: 10u00 - 18u30