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Hanne schoofs - designers supporting designers

At De Gouden Straatjes, we bring together designers with very different backgrounds, design processes and experiences. In this series we speak to several designers about their experiences of working as jewellers in Antwerp’s Golden Streets.

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Hanne Schoofs is based on Antwerps’s Wijngaardstraat. Her store’s delicate white interiors play host to her handcrafted collections, as well as the work of other artists and jewellers who she admires.

Can you tell us a bit about working as a jeweller in Antwerp?


Antwerp is my city, I live 15 kilometres from my store, I studied in the city - it made sense for me to be based here. There are a few different jewellery courses in Antwerp, so I think a lot of jewellers are brought to the city via their education. 

The city’s reputation [for jewellery] has been growing organically in the past few years. A lot of people come from the Netherlands or other cities in Belgium to buy jewellery here, because of the reputation Antwerp has. I think the bringing together of independent jewellers under de Gouden Straatjes is a great concept and that we could maybe inspire jewellers in other cities to group together in the same way. 

we can strengthen and inspire each other, despite the fact that we’re ‘competitors’ in the same sector.

Wijngaard straat is home to several jewellers, what is the atmosphere like?

It’s nice being based so close to other jewellers - if someone needs something we can help each other out, it’s an advantage. Rembrandt, Eva and I have many mutual friends, I used to work with Wim, and Gerda is very open with a really wonderful attitude. They are all very creative people. Within de Gouden Straatjes, we can strengthen and inspire each other, despite the fact that we’re ‘competitors’ in the same sector.


You show the work of other jewellers and creatives in your store, is working with other people important to you?

I find it very interesting to work with people who have different ways of designing and who work with different materials, it’s really exciting  to explore that variety. It’s also really nice to support other designers and to form connections with other jewellers.