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Antwerp’s rich Culture of Craftsmanship and Creativity

Wim Meussen’s characterful art-nouveau storefront

Wim Meussen’s characterful art-nouveau storefront

Antwerp is a city with a rich history of craftsmanship and creativity. From it’s prominent connection with the diamond trade, to it’s centuries-long history of gold and silversmithing, jewellery is embedded in Antwerp’s heritage.

Silver and goldsmiths established a guild in the city over 600 years ago, kickstarting a reputation for expertise and quality. Artisans have been drawn to Antwerp ever since, and today you can still find independent jewellers and ateliers nestled amongst the cobbled streets in the historical centre, and lining the streets of Antwerp’s renowned fashion district.

In an age of rapid consumption and fast fashion, these master-craftsmen provide an important antidote, creating distinctive collections with an emphasis on quality and design. Antwerp’s reputation for fine artisanal design is not relegated to the past, but is a constantly evolving entity thanks to the creativity and dedication of the designers who form today’s jewellery sector.

This rich history, interwoven with a vibrant contemporary scene, provided the inspiration for De Gouden Straatjes’ guided tours - Antwerp’s story is a fascinating one and we feel compelled to share it!


Guided Tours

Follow our guide through the Old City Centre or dynamic Fashion District and discover why our city is famous for Diamonds, jewellery and fashion…

Master jeweller Nico Taeymans at work at his bench

Master jeweller Nico Taeymans at work at his bench

Discover an array of fresh contemporary styles and current jewellery design on our tour through the fashion district, immersing yourself in the spirit of one of the world’s design capitals as you come across some of Antwerp’s prominent designers.

If your interest lies in Antwerp’s artisanal history, follow our guide through the old city centre, treading the cobblestones between key sites in the city’s heritage.

Along the way, whichever tour you choose, you will visit the ateliers of some of the artisans who are working to keep the traditions of handcrafted, high quality jewellery design alive.

If you want to see even more of what our brilliant city has on offer, DIVA, the city’s diamond, silver and jewellery museum is a must-see! (There is even an option to add a visit to your tour booking) Marvel at the museum’s exquisite collection, presented in a series of brilliant and original displays.


Tours are priced at €150 per guide and can last between 1.5 - 2 hours

There is also the option to add a visit to DIVA to your tour

Our guided tours in the Fashion District or Old City Centre are offered in English, French, Dutch and German

We can accommodate up to 15 persons per guide.