De Gouden Straatjes


How to treat and store your precious jewellery!

  1. For once sunlight is not our friend!

    Store your precious pieces at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. Depending on the gemstones and materials used to craft your jewellery they react differently to changes in temperature and light. Opals, pearls and other organic gems, for example, don’t like dry air. So don’t keep them cooped up in your safety deposit box for too long.

2. Buy a box!

Choose the right box for your precious collection. Pinterest is filled with the most beautiful Jewellery boxes and storage ideas. The inside of the box remains the important part, make sure you choose one that is big enough so your pieces don’t pile up together.

You also want to look for soft lining. Gemstones, as well as metal, can scratch so you want them to be hugged by something soft because that beautiful diamond in there will scratch any other material it touches!

One of our favourite brands is WOLF 1834, they specialize in jewellery and watch boxes and pouches, be sure to check them out!

Box by WOLF 1834

3. Ziplock bags!

Ziplock bags might not be fancy but in this case, they are Gold! In humid weather they keep your silver pieces from tarnishing and they’re our go-to trick to make sure our necklaces don’t tangle. Put the necklace inside the bag but leave a small portion of the chain outside so when you zip, the necklace is secured in place and no untangling is necessary! Don’t take the slider option or the trick wont work ;)

Necklace by Pascale Masselis


Jewellery cleaning toothbrush

4. Keep it clean!

If you want your jewellery to sparkle you have to take care of them.

We recommend to get your pieces cleaned at your local jeweller at least once a year, but even at home they need some tender love and care! You can use a damp cloth to rub away any dust and if you want to deep cleanse you can mix a drop of dish detergent in warm ( not too hot ! ) water and carefully go over them with the softest toothbrush you can find. Don’t forget to clean the setting and under the stones, Gemstones naturally attract grease and this can render them dull.

There are plenty of other cleaning methods promoted around the web, but always get advice from your jeweller as each piece of jewellery has its own needs!

5. Check your jewellery!

Even the best quality pieces need some looking after. As you bring your jewellery in for cleaning your jeweller will normally check if your pieces need any repairs. If you want to check for loose stones at home just keep the pieces close to your ear and wiggle it around, if you hear anything moving don’t risk wearing it but bring it to your jeweller for a checkup!

6. Ask!

Like clothing every piece of jewellery has its own requirements. Never be afraid to ask for more information. If you have any specific questions feel free to ask in the comments or send us an email at